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Meet the Director of Human Resources

Norma started with A&S Total Cleaning in early 2015 and immediately hit the ground running. She has since implemented many programs and policies that will elevate A&S to the next level.

Norma has an extensive background in human resources and management. She attended university for both her undergrad and her graduate studies in Mexico City, and earned her Master’s Degree in Human Resources. Ultimately, her dream was to focus her career in Human Resources, and has found that opportunity at A&S Total Cleaning as the Director of Human Resources.

“I couldn’t be happier to work with HR, I eat, breathe and sleep it! It is my passion and I see a bright future for me under the direction of Mr. Todd Wolf, who is a great mentor and leader.”

She has a wealth of experience and has worked for top consulting and technology firms, both in the United States and Latin America. Her experience includes time with Microsoft, Unisys and Deloitte Consulting. While her experience is rooted in all the responsibilities that encompass human resources, she has also had the opportunity to become well versed in other areas such as consulting, operations management, policy development, and compensation/benefits analysis.

With her help we have been able to successfully implement reward programs for our employees who exemplify stellar work ethic, compile a handbook that aligns all of our company goals, and clearly define processes and procedures that comply with industry best practices. She has become a vital part of the Executive Team, and we deeply value her ideas and opinions.

Her priority is maintaining a happy and productive workforce, while creating policies and procedures that will keep us accountable to our clients and staff alike.

“Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.” -Harvey Mackay

It is very important to her that we hire talent and create a company atmosphere that values the work that our employees do.

Every day, we feel the impact of the positive work that she does. Not only does she make the company more efficient, she also keeps us accountable and helps each employee realize and reach their full potential. She is a hard worker who is always willing to give a helping hand and we both applaud and appreciate her dedication and exemplary work ethic.

When asked about her fondest memory thus far at A&S, she said, “My best memory so far was my birthday. In no other company have I been made to feel so appreciated. This memory will stick with me forever. I received cards, gifts, balloons, lunch and many warm wishes. They made me feel like a million bucks! I thank the Team for making me feel so special.”

In her free time, Norma enjoys spending time with her family and attending her daughter’s swim meets.

Thank you, Norma, for all you do!


A&S Total Cleaning is a building services contractor.
We have been in the business for 26 years and truly understand what it takes to provide great customer service and a wonderful experience for our clients. We offer Janitorial Services, Post Construction Clean-Up, Porter Services, comprehensive Floor Care, Marble Restoration, Handyman Services, and a variety of other services that associated with building services. Visit our website today for a detailed description of all services, www.TotalCleaning.com.
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What To Expect From Your Janitorial Service Provider

When it comes to choosing a janitorial service provider in South Florida, there are many options and details to consider.

  • How many days do you need service?
  • How detailed do you need the cleaning to be?
  • What is your budget?

All of these questions are vital to choosing the service that is right for your company.

Making these decisions can be time consuming, and it is important that your expectations are clearly heard and understood when outlining a cleaning schedule.

For this reason, we have listed some key items you should expect from your Janitorial Service Provider.

Success starts with clear expectations, including:

Comprehensive Scope of Work: Having a clear understanding of what duties are supposed to be completed is essential in choosing a cleaning company, as well as, assessing your current provider. A scope of work clearly outlines the responsibilities of the janitorial staff and the frequency of each service. It also includes any periodic work included in the contract, such as, floor care or detail cleaning.

Communication 24/7: Being able to communicate with your service provider is crucial! At A&S Total Cleaning, we provide each of our clients with a hyperlink specific to their account that can be used to submit requests or concerns (action items) 24/7.

This allows clients to take control of the services they are being provided and gives them the ability to contact us around the clock. Once submitted, the client’s action items are directly sent to the assigned Area Manager and the Operations Staff, ensuring that the inquiry gets a speedy response and resolution.

Direct Point of Contact: It is quite annoying when you are paying for a service, and have to wait on hold endlessly to talk to a real person. We pride ourselves in offering our clients an individualized experience. Each client receives the contact information of his or her assigned Area Manager. This information along with the hyperlink gives our clients a guaranteed way to reach us. No more hold time!

Scheduled inspections: Periodic review of services can go a long way when the expectations are high. These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to voice your opinion and request any necessary services your facility may need. Your input is very valuable and gives your service provider a clear vision of what you expect and where they can improve.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff: There is nothing worse that hiring professionals, and getting rookies. Make sure that the company you choose, or have chosen, has both the experience and the capacity to clean your facility properly.

We have been in business for over 26 years, and we understand the value of experience! Those 26 years have taught us “it takes a whole lot to clean a toilet.”

We have trained staff and dedicated Area Managers that oversee the operations of each facility. They are always eager to train employees on the latest products and techniques, so that they can be as efficient and thorough as possible.

When considering your options and expectations for a janitorial service provider it is very important to understand that a clean office takes more than just cleaning, there are many moving parts.

A clear scope of work, means of communication, dedicated point of contact, scheduled inspections, and experienced, knowledgeable staff are all vital to ensure a good experience and maintain a clean, and healthy work environment

If you are not receiving the items mentioned above from your current provider, perhaps it is time to reassess and reconsider.

Written by: Katie Rodriguez

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The Benefits of Having a Day Porter

Picture this: You are on your lunch break, walk outside expecting to get a little fresh air and some much needed time away from your desk, but the first thing you see is an overflowing trashcan. Unfortunately, this situation is much too common and will oftentimes bring down the overall morale of your staff and clients.

At A&S Total Cleaning we have just the thing to avoid such situations and keep your business productive and inviting.

Our daytime Porter services will not only prevent unfortunate situations, such as an overflowing trashcan, it will also consistently keep your facility looking pristine, both inside and out.

Having a day porter on site is great for many reasons, including:

  1. Immediate response to emergency clean up situations—spills, leaks, overflows, etc.
  2. Bathrooms, break rooms and common areas will be kept clean, hygienic, stocked and presentable throughout the day
  3. Trash will be maintained, avoiding any overflow at the end of the day
  4. Outside Porters are able to patrol the grounds, and keep them trash and debris free
  5. Immediate reporting of any liability issues on premises such as illegal dumping, pot holes, broken car stops, etc.

The bottom line is, if you want to impress your clients and maintain a productive workforce, a day porter is the answer to your problems; however, if you are still not convinced, consider this:

In an article written by Jean Hanson, I.C.E. she states that, “In a study of 400 managers and employees conducted by HLW International LLP, employees’ productivity levels were determined to be heavily influenced by the cleanliness of the office in which they worked. A clean office produced quantifiable results when it came to employee productivity. They reported a 5% productivity gain ($125,000) in a 100-employee office.”

A clean office and work environment is not only good for your employees, it also gives your clients a good impression and an idea of what they can expect from you.

A clean workspace can increase your employee’s productivity, mood and will give them an added reason to enjoy coming to work in the morning. It will also save you money by keeping your employees healthy and saving on sick days.

Almost anyone can agree that a clean space, puts a smile on the face! First impressions may not always be the most important, but they do leave a lasting memory of an experience that can either be really good or really bad. Let us help you make lasting first impressions!

Call us today to schedule your free estimate for Day Porter services, 954-570-1165.

A&S Total Cleaning is a building services contractor.

We have been in the business for 26 years and truly understand what it takes to provide great customer service and a wonderful experience for our clients. We offer a wide variety of services that serve as a sort of one-stop-shop.

We offer services such as Janitorial Services, Post Construction Clean-Up, Porter Services, comprehensive Floor Care, Marble Restoration, and Handyman Services. Visit our website today for a detailed description of all services.

Written by: Katie Rodriguez

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Strip and Wax Your Floors – 4 Reasons Why

Professionally maintained floors can give your business the pleasing aesthetic that will both impress and intrigue your clients. Make sure that you protect your investment and avoid costly repairs by doing regularly scheduled maintenance work.

Without proper flooring maintenance, floors will become dull, scratched or even discolored. There is nothing worse than walking into a business that has dull and dirty floors.

We can help you avoid being that place!

Stripping and waxing is a process that is specifically for VCT, vinyl, linoleum, epoxy and acrylic flooring. It refers to the process of completely removing the preexisting wax coating and reapplying fresh layers of wax that will give your floors the cleanliness and shine you expect.

Depending on your facility and level of traffic, we recommend that this process be done bi-annually (every 6 months), with regularly scheduled spray buffing in between to keep the floors looking brand new.

The following are some of the great benefits that come from proper maintenance:

  1. Prevents scratches: Due to traffic and the wearing down of the wax coating, scratches to the flooring can happen very easily without regular upkeep.
  2. Prevents any tile lifting: When the protective coating is worn down it leaves the tiles vulnerable to elements such as water and debris. When water gets in between the cracks of the tiles, the glue can become waterlogged and will no longer adhere. This can cause unwanted lifting of the individual tiles of vinyl, VCT, etc.
  3. Prevents any staining or discoloration: Without proper protection, constant traffic can cause the color and shine to dull and even become discolored. This is usually due to dirt, debris and the wearing down of the protective coating on the floor.
  4. High Shine: Properly maintaining your floors by regularly stripping, waxing and getting periodic spray buffing treatments creates a shine that is unforgettable! It will also make your mopping efforts more efficient and leave you with an easy-to-clean surface.

We have a professionally trained team that is qualified and ready to do your floors. We provide comprehensive floor care packages that will not only keep your floors protected, but will also give you peace of mind when having to schedule these processes.

A&S Total Cleaning is a full service janitorial and post construction cleaning company. We offer everything from daily office cleanings and Porter service to post-construction clean up, floor care and restoration.

Managed services are our specialty and we pride ourselves on giving our clients an easy and worry free experience when it comes to their cleaning needs.

Call us today at 954-570-1165 to schedule your next floor service, or visit our website for a full list of the services offered www.TotalCleaning.com

This article has been created by Katie Rodriguez on behalf of A&S Total Cleaning

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Getting to Know Us: Business Development Manager

Adriana Santovenia is a vital part of our team and has been with A&S Total Cleaning for 24 wonderful years. Adriana works hand in hand, as the Business Development Manager with our staff and clients to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely and professional manner, as promised.

She oversees all construction and marble service scheduling; account setup, billing, and client relations. When asked about her time at A&S she proudly says, “Time has flown by, but I am so grateful to be a part of this great organization since its very beginning. A&S has given me the opportunity to grow in my career, as well as, develop so many wonderful friendships over the years!”

Adriana is originally from Quito, Ecuador and moved to the United States at the age of 17. She is happily married with two daughters and a step son. She is continually looking for opportunities to impact her community and is currently a member of the Freedom Climb organization.

According to their website, “The purpose of the Freedom Climb is not just about climbing a mountain; it’s a way to engage in the global battle against human trafficking. They accomplish this by raising funds and awareness to support operation mobilization projects around the world focused on these issues.” Needless to say, Adriana is selfless in her approach both personally and professionally.

Two of her fondest memories at A&S include…

The one time when Todd Wolf, our CEO, dressed up as Santa Clause around the holidays and distributed presents to every employee’s children. “It was truly a sight to behold, the lines were literally out the door.”


The first Mercedes Benz 5k Corporate Run A&S participated in. “It inspired me to keep running and participate in other athletic events. We have been participating for 8 years now and it is wonderful quality time spent with the A&S Team.”

We thank her for her loyalty and expertise in her field and truly enjoy seeing her big smile in the office every day. Thank you, Adriana for being part of the Team!


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