A Floor Care Process Worth Investing In

A & S Total Cleaning offers:

3M Scotchgard Tile & Grout Penetrating Sealer

We have recently begun offering this great 3M process. You can improve the appearance of your floors and reduce cleaning time, while having the assurance of a 20 year guarantee!

Scotchgard Tile & Grout Penetrating Sealer has many benefits including:

  • Easy, one-coat application
  • Stone and tile will not be altered by this product
  • Protection against dirt, oil-based, and water-based stains
  • Safe for use on natural stone, porous tile, concrete and grout
  • Water based formula

We have used this process on seemingly impossible projects, with incredible results.  It is ideal for use in bathrooms, entryways, malls, and restaurant kitchens and dining areas. This product is perfect in places where grout is difficult to clean due to its stain resistant power and water and oil resistant properties.

Below is an example of a floor that we attempted to clean and restore with multiple products. The only process that was able to lift the stains while applying a long-lasting protective coat was the Scotchgard Tile & Grout Penetrating Sealer.

3m tile and grout protection before and after (2)

There are many benefits to this particular process and EVERY business should invest in it! Now you can have great looking floors and cut down on your cleaning time, what could be better?

Call us now at, 954-570-1165, to find out more about this great product and how you can schedule to have YOUR floors restored and sealed today!

*This information was obtained from 3M Educational Material. Scotchgard Tile & Grout Penetrating Sealer is a product of 3M.