After the storm, do you need to clean it of fix it ?

Janitorial Services

Think that remodeling or redecorating is the only way to improve the look of your building? Janitorial services provided by A&S Total Cleaning can do more to enhance your building’s appearance than expensive upgrades. Our customer focused facility maintenance services range from complete office cleaning and building maintenance, to lobby and common area building maintenance, and restroom janitorial, depending upon your needs. To better serve you, choose from daily, weekly or monthly service with day or night options.

Construction Cleaning

The cleanup necessary after a construction job to remove dirt, dust and debris is a daunting task. Contractors and their workers don’t have time once they’ve completed a job, yet the homeowner or business tenant want and deserve facilities that are move-in ready. We’re here for the customer! A&S Total Cleaning can fill that need by performing post-construction commercial and residential cleaning. We clean up after the construction work is done so you can enjoy the results of the job. We also provide model home maintenance.

Porter Services

What can A&S Total Cleaning do for you? You know, it’s not only what’s inside that counts. Grounds Cleaning Maintenance can have a major impact of the perception of a building and the businesses within it. We work for you… the building manager… the homeowner… the business owner who understands that first impressions leave lasting impressions. Porter services include grounds-keeping, power sweeping, trash hauling, pressure cleaning, and other services… on a daily or weekly basis. Request a proposal online or ask the next representative how we can help you.

Handyman Services

Where can you find a handyman when you need one? A&S Total Cleaning has skilled professionals trained with a customer focused approach. We provide everything from general electrical services, plumbing repairs, pressure cleaning of parking lots and building facades, as well as awnings and roofs. From priming and painting, drywall repair, and installation of carpet to floor waxing and marble restoration… even light bulb installation and removal from sockets too high to be reached with ordinary ladders.

Carpet Cleaning, Mold Restoration and Remediation Services and more services.

Our company is designed to assist our customers as an all-in-one resource. In addition to providing Janitorial, Construction, Porter and Handyman Services, A&S Total Cleaning specializes in water damage and mold remediation services. We also clean windows, carpets, marble floors, grout and tile. These functions can be added to any other cleaning service. If there are other types of cleaning that you require, please let us know, and we’ll get the job done.

Call us now at 954-570-1165 or visit our web site for a free estimate on any of our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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