Commercial and Residential Water Extraction and Restoration

At A&S Total Cleaning, we understand how traumatic it can be to see your home damaged by water leaks or floods. We are dedicated to restoring our clients’ homes with the high degree of care that has come to be associated with A&S Total Cleaning.

According to the National Weather Service, floods cause well over a billion dollars of damage every year. Flooding can do untold damage to your home or business. South Florida flooding can occur in a numerous ways, from Tropical Storms and Hurricanes to burst pipes and water mains. If your home or business has had flood damage, we can help.

A&S Total Cleaning technicians are trained and certified professionals with years of experience and training using the most cutting-edge processes available. We employ state-of-the-art drying technology and water-damage repair to restore your floors and protect your home or business as well as determining overall damage and possible mold remediation.

At A&S Total Cleaning, we are dedicated to helping victims of flooding in the South Florida. Water leaks and spills need to be addressed and standing water must be removed as quickly as possible to prevent permanent structural damage.

Water damage causes include:
• Pipe leaks
• Water heater explosion
• Natural disasters
• Heating and air conditioning units
• Appliances
• Roof and Window leaks

To discuss your case with one of our dedicated South Florida home water damage technicians, contact us today!
For over 15 years, A&S Total Cleaning technicians have been helping business owners overcome water and mold damage putting their businesses back on track. A&S Total Cleaning trained technicians use only the best techniques available to reverse the damage done to your company. Water damage can be more than an annoyance. In many cases, it can bring with it unwanted contaminants.

The severity of water damage is categorized in the following three ways:

• Category 1/Clean Water: The standing water comes from a clean source that is not immediately dangerous to humans.

• Category 2/Gray Water: The water may be contaminated and could potentially cause illness if encountered by humans.

• Category 3/Black Water: The water is seriously contaminated and poses a serious threat to human health.

At A&S Total Cleaning, our South Florida water extraction and restoration specialists have the experience and training you can count on. We employ only the most cutting-edge tools to protect your company and get you back to doing business as usual as soon as possible.
A&S Total Cleaning Commercial Water Extraction and Restoration technicians know how devastating it can be to have water damage affect your business or home, in many cases, flood damage can cause contaminants to put you and your family in danger. At A&S Total Cleaning, your home and your family’s health are almost as important to us as they are to you. We are dedicated to restoring your home and helping you put the unfortunate incident behind you as soon as possible. Call us now for a complimentary estimate at 954-570-1165. We look forward to hearing from you soon.