Do you know how to keep your green floors green?

More of our end customers are coming to us with questions about green floors specifically, how to clean and maintain them. Apparently, increasing numbers of facilities are installing alternatives to conventional floors and selecting floors made from more sustainable or recycled materials such as bamboo, cork and rubber.

In answering their questions, we tell them that most green floors are maintained in the same manner as conventional flooring. What is important is that the chemicals used on the floors be certified green. One study many years ago found that all of the environmental benefits of green floors can be erased if they are cleaned or maintained using conventional cleaning chemicals.

Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Always review the cleaning recommendations of the floor’s manufacturer. If a hard copy is not available, try going online to see if the recommendations can be located there.
  • For sustainable wood floors (bamboo, cork and others), minimize damp mopping; instead, use backpack vacuums whenever possible – which also helps protect indoor air quality – and/or dry/dust mop the floor, avoiding chemical dust mop treatments unless they are green.
  • Install matting systems at all key entries; high-performance mats can help green a facility because they keep contaminants outside, helping floors to remain cleaner and healthier.
  • Most green floors can be machine buffed using just a buffing pad. A “multi-wash” machine is another option for cleaning both carpets and hard surface floors. These machines have rotating brushes instead of pads, so they can remove dirt and soils below the surface with minimal amounts of water or chemical.
  • Polishes and finishes are typically not used on green floors, at least the ones discussed here; again, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding applying glosses.
  • As to chemicals, a neutral cleaner is often all that is necessary; there are several available that are green certified. However, if the floor is in a locker room, in a health care center or where there are increased concerns about germs and bacteria, a sanitizer or disinfectant may be necessary.

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