Do you know what lives in your carpet?

Imagine for a moment that you are standing on your carpet and suddenly you shrink to the size of a pinhead. Can you imagine what you will see? A dense jungle of synthetic twisted fiber that looks like twisted trees. Sticking out of each twisted tree is dust and dirt. As you blaze a trail through the synthetic jungle, you notice that this jungle is alive with small insects, parasites and mildew spores, feasting on the synthetic pile dirt. Dust mites are at home in this synthetic jungle, eating dust, grime, rotted fibers and pet dander. Fleas attaching themselves to the fiber trees, waiting for their host to lie down so they can jump on and bite the animal’s flesh. (There are many varieties of fleas. Though they are wingless bloodsucking insects, they use their legs to leap on their warm-blooded victim.)As you travel through the synthetic jungle, you smell a pungent odor that is becoming stronger as you approach an area. It is the odor of pet urine.

Pet urine can saturate a small area of the carpet. Urine percolates down into the carpet and into the padding. Urine has salts and oils that never dry. It can be detected months later, especially on warm days. The best way to eliminate urine is using enzymes with disinfectants. The enzymes digest the urine the disinfectants sanitize the area. Soon you come upon a rotting swamp of mildew spores, slowly decomposing the synthetic base of your carpet. The spores are creating toxins that are light enough to become airborne, causing allergies. As you walk around the perimeter of this mildew swamp, you realize how fast mildew grows and multiplies. These spores are fast breeders, creating a community of toxic germs. They thrive on moisture. Microscopic spores are always floating in the air. When something dies mildew spores lands on it and consumes it and recycles its organic materials.
This fictional story gives you a perspective on what the microscopic world is like in a carpet. The cleanest carpet can attract dirt, parasites and mildew. The best way to keep these intruders from living in your carpet is to regularly vacuum your carpets, preferably three times per week for heavily used areas. In addition, have your carpet professional cleaned at least every six months to remove what vacuuming cannot. This will eliminate odors, mildew and parasites from your carpet and rugs. Having a clean carpet is a healthy home or office.

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