Do Your Restrooms Attract Or Detract Customers?

Customer traffic varies from business to business, as well as public restroom use. Many people make it a personal mission to avoid restrooms they deem as dirty and go the extra mile to visit a clean one.

Consumers have a variety of different quirks and preferences when it comes to a restroom’s condition. As a parent, nothing discourages me more than an unsanitary restroom. If customers are not satisfied with the state of the restroom, they will take their business elsewhere.

To keep customers returning, implement a comprehensive maintenance program. Strive to ensure restrooms are consistently stocked, clean, dry and functioning. This can be accomplished with three main components: Spot cleaning, daily cleaning and deep cleaning. Is your current service provider following these steps?

To ensure success, clearly outline the program and communicate it to all employees. In A&S Total Cleaning our team members are equipped with the proper cleaning tools and chemicals in order to follow the correct protocol. In addition, they will set a schedule to guarantee restrooms are attended to on a regular basis.

Following these steps and maintaining restrooms consistently clean; businesses can improve their overall image and keep customers returning.
Remember appearance is essential on a business. We can help you!

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