Have you done everything to have your property ready for the holiday season?

In order to enhance the apereance of your property for the holidays,  there are some important tasks that need to be done around your property.  

A very important part of your property that might need attention would be your drive in, sidewalks and roof,  on larger buildings, the common areas. Over time they also tend to get dirty and create mold and algae, making them slippery and very dangerous for you and your family. With the appropriate maintenance and pressure cleaning, these areas will help the exterior of your property looking at their best. If you have carpet in your floors you should also consider have them done. Over time, carpets accrue dirt, dust, stains, dander, and other contaminants. In fact, the more luxurious the carpet, the more dirt it gathers. Carpets begin to show signs of wear, tear, and traffic after only a few months. Left unchecked, they can become serious allergen traps, and have huge effects on the aesthetics of your home or business.

The holidays are almost here, so don’t wait, to get your property ready. We can assist you with these services and more. Call us now to schedule and appointment for a free estimate at 954-570-1165 or go to our website www.totalcleaning.com