Having your business looking good will increase your sales!

Whether your office looks like World War III, have unsightly mold or you’re just tired of looking at that dirty concrete in front of your business, you can count on A&S Total Cleaning commercial cleaning services to handle your cleaning needs.

Our company has been providing premier commercial cleaning services in South Florida since 1989. Already thousands of leading companies and clients in Miami- Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties have experienced the benefits that A&S Total Cleaning provide.  We are in the business of making your business look better and your life easier.

A&S Total Cleaning services can also help you with property restoration, removing unsightly debris, graffiti, and driveway or parking lot greasy oil stains. Mold and algae present in your driveways, walkways or any outdoor access area inside or outside your business causes more than just an eyesore, in a world with “sue-happy” people it can be a lawsuit waiting to happen if ignored. Mold is a hidden danger on your walkways; keep in mind that 75% of all slip or fall related deaths occur from less than 5 feet off the ground.

A&S Total Cleaning’s reputation is built on a proven track record of timely performance, quality cleaning workmanship, and competitive pricing.

We are YOUR full service facility maintenance company, because your business matters to us!
Let us take the burden away from you. Call us now for now at 954-570-1165 for a free estimate on any of our extensive variety of services, or visit our website www.totalcleaning.com.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!