Post Construction Clean Up

Looking for South Florida’s most professional and efficient post construction clean-up crew? We know that as a contractor you’re constantly on the move from one job-site to the next and having to clean up after a project can waste precious time that you could be using to move on to start-up a new job site. That’s where A&S Total Cleaning shines, making your life easier at the end of every job.

A&S Total Cleaning provides comprehensive post construction cleaning services for all of South Florida’s contractor needs. Our post construction cleaning service provides contractors with complete commercial and residential post construction cleaning services for new corporate buildings, shopping centers, high- rise condominiums, schools, and residential properties.

Our reputation is built on a proven track record of timely performance, quality cleaning workmanship, and competitive pricing. Stop wasting your precious time with post cleanup crew screening and hiring, not to mention follow up and possible further clean up to get the job done right. Get it done Fast! Get it done right-the first time! Get the Pro’s pro…Get A&S Total Cleaning!