Sometimes More Is Good, But Less Is Even Better

Typically, carpet extractors use a lot of water — about a gallon per minute, sometimes more. In fact, some older machines were designed when the belief was more is better — in this case, more water is better. The idea behind this is that the more water used, the more soil could be flushed out of the carpet.

In a sense, this is true. More water along with proper amounts of chemical can help flush out deeply embedded soils from carpets. However, the problems come if the water is not thoroughly extracted.

Technicians know that if the carpets take too long to dry — usually because too much moisture was applied — rapid resoiling, bacteria development and even mold and mildew growth will occur. Fortunately, some extractors and new wand technologies take advantage of the cleaning power of large amounts of water but do so with less water and are far more effective at moisture recovery.

Carpets dry faster and there are fewer problems such as resoiling or bacteria development. Further, less chemical is often necessary and, in some cases, work is done faster, which can reduce costs. Technicians are becoming more and more aware of this, and so are their end customers. They are all getting on the green bandwagon now and want their carpets cleaned to promote and protect health, not cause health-related problems.And then, there is the bigger picture involving water use overall. As the professional cleaning industry gets greener and more conscious of sustainability, water consumption is going to receive more and more scrutiny. Already, carpet extractor manufacturers are developing systems that clean more effectively using less water and, taking steps much further, recycling water so that water/solution is reused several times before it must be discarded.

In a sense, we are evolving from a “More Is Good” philosophy to a “Less Is Even Better” state of mind.

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