Power Washing Services South Florida

Nobody likes a dingy & grimy environment, driveway, or sidewalk, but renting a power washer and spending the better part of a day, power washing is often impractical and unpleasant. That is where the A&S Total residential power washing technicians come in. We have experience tackling every commercial or residential pressure washing challenge.

When months or years of South Florida weather and climate have taken their toll on your residential or commercial building surfaces, power washing may be the best option to restore them to their original pristine finish. Buildings, rooftops and driveway often become caked in dirt, soil, and molds, which are ever prevalent in South Florida, with high winds and tropical storms carrying all sorts of debris and allergens as well as causing tree downfalls. If not taken care of in time, mold and surface contaminants can make buildings and roads unsightly and potentially dangerous.

At A&S Total Cleaning, we have over 15 years of experience providing clients and customers with the quality South Florida-area power washing they need. As a family owned and operated company, we offer a level of accountability and responsibility unparalleled by our competition. Our trained South Florida pressure washing technicians are dedicated to doing the best job possible.
• Driveway
• Sidewalks
• Vinyl siding
• Metal siding
• Masonry
• Concrete surfaces

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