Taking Care of Your Gymnasium Floors

Chances are that you have spent some significant amount of time on one of these surfaces. They are typically the same from location to location: They have a high-gloss shine and a characteristic sound that often transports anyone setting foot on to the floor back to the days of kickball and school dances.

And, as the end of the season comes, that time when the spotlight seems to shine brighter on collegiate hardwoods – draws to a close, some facilities may be looking more closely at how their floors have held up throughout a long season, leading to an even longer off season when many floors are used for activities other than the typical basketball game.

These activities, and more, can lead to the need to refinish the surface of the floor; even if the floor looks like it is still in good condition, look it over carefully. There may be any number of problems lurking just below, or on top of, the surface. Maintaining your floors is, of course, the easiest and most cost effective way to keep them pristine and attractive.

However, there will be times when a little extra elbow grease is needed in order to get a floor back to the state it rightly deserves to be in.

In such cases, refinishing is the way to go.

Multiple Uses; Multiple Challenges

Gym floors can be a living, breathing organism; there is rarely a time when they are not being used or are not in demand. The most common gym floor, when you think about the term, is the floor found in schools at every level and sports arenas. No matter where these floors are, chances are they take a daily beating. Even if there is not a game or event scheduled in an arena, there may be practice; gyms in K-12 schools are rarely, if ever, used solely for sporting events.

If the custodial or maintenance staff at a school or other athletic facility is proactive, they will take steps to make sure their floor remains in good condition. The cleaner the floor, the longer it will last. It really is that simple, gyms, like all floors, have daily care, intermediate care (screening and recoating) and restorative care (sanding).

There are two main reasons a gym floor ends up needing to be refinished: Time and damage.

While the average life expectancy of a floor can range from 15 years for vinyl tile to upwards of 50 years for wood flooring, this number can decrease dramatically if daily maintenance is not taking place.

Damage can take place in the form of water damage or from more frequent sanding due to the “faster breakdown of water-based finish versus oil finish, or from the incompatibility between finishes and/or paint.”

When damage occurs, refinishing is the next step. A&S Total Cleaning has over 20 years of experience on the cleaning and facility maintenance industry. We can help you!

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