What to expect from your current Janitorial services provider ?

What to expect from your janitorial service provider ?

While the idea of having your office, building or property cleaned daily seems simply.

Ask yourself how would you feel about cleaning the same place everyday ?

I know my own personal struggles of keeping myself motivated and engaged , image how any janitorial staff feels as they arrive at work- as you are leaving for the comforts of family, friends and home.

Take a look at your current service provider’s staff, and you will have a keen insight into the mind of the leadership and heart of that organization.

Are all staff members in uniform ? So team members can be easily identified.

Are ID Badges worn ? So customers can see our team members have names and are individuals too

Are managers a consistent presence at the Job site ? Supervision is key for execution of specification , quality and training .

Are Employees using a electronic clock in/ clock out technology ? Security must be monitored , the entry times and departure times are essential for safety.

Does the team cleaning your facility have the specification on hand and in a language they can understand ? Ask to see them

Have you looked inside the Janitorial closet lately ? All products must be labeled, MSDS sheets are a OSHA mandateĀ  ,and is everything organized for sanitation and inventory .

Are service request handled within 24 hours ? This should be standard operating procedures

These are just a few simple things to expect from your current janitorial service provider

At A&S Total Cleaning , the development of our people is our greatest asset.