A&S Total Cleaning is a building services contractor that has been serving South Florida for over 26 years.

What To Expect From Your Janitorial Service Provider

When it comes to choosing a janitorial service provider in South Florida, there are many options and details to consider.

  • How many days do you need service?
  • How detailed do you need the cleaning to be?
  • What is your budget?

All of these questions are vital to choosing the service that is right for your company.

Making these decisions can be time consuming, and it is important that your expectations are clearly heard and understood when outlining a cleaning schedule.

For this reason, we have listed some key items you should expect from your Janitorial Service Provider.

Success starts with clear expectations, including:

Comprehensive Scope of Work: Having a clear understanding of what duties are supposed to be completed is essential in choosing a cleaning company, as well as, assessing your current provider. A scope of work clearly outlines the responsibilities of the janitorial staff and the frequency of each service. It also includes any periodic work included in the contract, such as, floor care or detail cleaning.

Communication 24/7: Being able to communicate with your service provider is crucial! At A&S Total Cleaning, we provide each of our clients with a hyperlink specific to their account that can be used to submit requests or concerns (action items) 24/7.

This allows clients to take control of the services they are being provided and gives them the ability to contact us around the clock. Once submitted, the client’s action items are directly sent to the assigned Area Manager and the Operations Staff, ensuring that the inquiry gets a speedy response and resolution.

Direct Point of Contact: It is quite annoying when you are paying for a service, and have to wait on hold endlessly to talk to a real person. We pride ourselves in offering our clients an individualized experience. Each client receives the contact information of his or her assigned Area Manager. This information along with the hyperlink gives our clients a guaranteed way to reach us. No more hold time!

Scheduled inspections: Periodic review of services can go a long way when the expectations are high. These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to voice your opinion and request any necessary services your facility may need. Your input is very valuable and gives your service provider a clear vision of what you expect and where they can improve.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff: There is nothing worse that hiring professionals, and getting rookies. Make sure that the company you choose, or have chosen, has both the experience and the capacity to clean your facility properly.

We have been in business for over 26 years, and we understand the value of experience! Those 26 years have taught us “it takes a whole lot to clean a toilet.”

We have trained staff and dedicated Area Managers that oversee the operations of each facility. They are always eager to train employees on the latest products and techniques, so that they can be as efficient and thorough as possible.

When considering your options and expectations for a janitorial service provider it is very important to understand that a clean office takes more than just cleaning, there are many moving parts.

A clear scope of work, means of communication, dedicated point of contact, scheduled inspections, and experienced, knowledgeable staff are all vital to ensure a good experience and maintain a clean, and healthy work environment

If you are not receiving the items mentioned above from your current provider, perhaps it is time to reassess and reconsider.

Written by: Katie Rodriguez